The Issues Aimy Supports

Teachers impact every child and every adult in our nation. They deserve to be paid enough to support their own families without having to get a second job and not be able to make a decent wage. I know first hand that the time and energy it takes to prepare to meet our children’s individual needs are tremendous. I taught Spanish and I was an assistant principal and a principal and I am passionate about learning and hold a PhD in education. Teachers and school administrators who care and give their all deserve above average wages and it is not acceptable to be 39th nationally in education.

Children are near and dear to my heart. Michael and I are blessed with five of them. Between them and the children I’ve taught and advocated for over the years, I can tell you they need responsible adults in office who know first-hand how laws and policies affect them. Every child deserves a high-quality education starting from early childhood. That can happen in public schools when people in office are actually connected to the communities and schools they serve. On the ground experience is what I bring, and I will not stop fighting for our students and teachers!

Cabarrus county is one of the worst counties in our state for opioid abuse and nearly every one of us has been touched in one way or another by this epidemic. For me, it came when a department of social services worker showed up at my school and informed me of a case about a case of opioid abuse by a family of adults, which had trickled down to their child. This was not the only family affected by this in our school system and this is an epidemic that deserves our utmost attention. We need appropriate funding and training for our first responders and hospitals and better preventive measures in place that allow us to be proactive and prevent further incidents. 

All children should have access to stable situations that can lead to high-quality jobs, above average living wages, and the ability to make their own way in life. When our youth have more stability in their lives they are able to thrive in our society as adults and lead productive lives. Ensuring all children have an equal opportunity is essential to this.

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