Meet Aimy Steele


Combining her passion for education and leadership, Aimy Steele most recently spent her days as an elementary school principal in Concord, North Carolina. She is passionate about public education and working with children.

Although a student from humble beginnings, Aimy benefited from incredible opportunities at an early age. She knows first hand how exposure to enriching educational experiences led to open doors that literally changed her life. Moving to Japan as a young child in a military family catapulted Aimy’s educational journey. Her new school offered her advanced classes and curriculum as well as teachers who were willing to challenge and tutor her. 

Her experience in the day-to-day operations of public schools has allowed her to gain a hands-on understanding of the issues and challenges existing in the local school system. Aimy is an advocate for public education including free preschool for all children ages 3 to 4, and education that ensures opportunities for high-skill jobs in an increasingly competitive workforce.

Aimy is a mother of five and a wife to Michael Steele of 21 years and her family and faith are core values of her life. She and her family currently attend New Life Baptist Church in Concord, where her husband is a pastor.