July 18, 2018

North Carolina House District 82 Candidate Aimy Steele Announces EMILY’s List Endorsement

CONCORD, N.C. – Aimy Steele, Candidate for NC House District 82, graciously receives the endorsement of the nation’s largest resource for women in politics. EMILY’S List recruits, encourages and trains female Democrats to wage competitive campaigns. Steele is proud to be one of 19 North Carolina Democratic female candidates endorsed by EMILY’S List.

“EMILY’S List is at the forefront of bringing women’s voices to the helm in legislature. With this endorsement, I plan to represent our collective women’s voice in Raleigh, and make sure our voices are heard, celebrated and utilized in policy-making decisions that are important to our community,” says Steele.

Recognized as running a strong campaign, Steele will use this momentum to share her platform of healthy families, with access to quality education being a core component.

“I’m a product of public education, and I started my early years in a situation where I wasn’t supposed to make it out. But there were three teachers throughout my life who spoke life into me.”

Steele adds, “But I also see firsthand how various laws passed in Raleigh or the Federal government impact my students and the teachers with whom I work. So, I know something has to change. No teacher should have to work two jobs, nor should any child have to go to school without basic necessities. I bring a voice from the ground floor to help change policy. I believe we can equip our schools to deliver amazing educational opportunities to all our students.”

Aimy Steele holds a Ph.D. in education, and is a career educator and school administrator. She and her husband of 19-years are the parents of five children, all of whom are in Cabarrus County public schools.